Better Popup Blocker Chrome Extension CRX File

I have a handful of Chrome extensions that I always keep handy for myself and people who ask for computer help (as people often do). The Better Popup Blocker extension adds on top of Chrome’s built-in popup blocking functionality. Better Popup Blocker seems to block popups more aggressively than Chrome does by default.

Whilst trying to install this extension on a computer recently, I found that it had been removed from the Chrome Webstore. I went ahead and checked out the code from the extension’s Google Code repo and packaged it up into a CRX so I could install it in the future. How-to Geek has a good article on installing Chrome extensions manually, so once you’ve downloaded the CRX from this post, follow the instructions there to install it.

Better Popup Blocker CRX Chrome Extension

WordPress Attachment “Alt” Text Priority

Today  I was muddling around with gallery images’ captions/alt text/descriptions. I came to realize that I had no clue in what order WordPress retrieved the alt text for attachments; I knew from experience that it checked several places. The order is:

  1. Use Alt field first
  2. If not, Use the Caption
  3. Finally, use the title

This comes straight from the comments of wp_get_attachment_image as of WP 3.7 RC2.

Custom Field Suite and OptionTree: A killer combination for building a WordPress website

I make websites for a living. I do this usually for mom and pop shops or as a subcontractor, with the occasional large corp site thrown into the mix.

One standard I hold very highly in my job is taking full advantage of the power a content management system like WordPress provides for a business. A website with WordPress as its backbone gives a business the ability to manage what they know best – their message.

I feel that it is part of my job to empower a business with the ability to edit all parts of their site, especially the little details like phone numbers and social media links. To that end, I use a killer combination of plugins that makes a site stand on its own: Custom Field Suite (plugin page & author page) for post meta and OptionTree (plugin page & github page) for site options.
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What are our designs telling users to do when we bury a 12px font-sized river of text in a sea of animated banner ads, sensationalist flat belly links, and fixed positioned social sharing widgets? In my mind, if users leave they’re just doing what the design told them to do because all the crufty noise linking elsewhere is the most engaging thing on the page.