WordPress Tip: Filter a title only on that single page or post view

I came across the need today to modify page/post titles – adding in some custom meta data from a metabox on the post/page. I did not want to have to modify the page template in the theme to add this extra data, so I looked about using WordPress’s the_title filter. At first, I just used […]

Extending WordPress’ Template Hierarchy with Single Post Templates

For my personal site, I was looking for a way to use a specific template for posts that had a specific category applied. WordPress’ template hierarchy doesn’t support this type of need – the only taxonomy-type templates that WordPress looks for are for taxonomy archives. I went hunting for a solution, and came across Justin […]

Javascript to convert between states and abbreviations

In this post, Sean Barton provides a nifty script for converting between U.S. states and their abbreviations. I needed this functionality in js/jquery, so here it is! Feel free to convert this to plain javascript. Updated to reflect Aaron St. Clair’s syntax suggestions. JavaScript 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 […]