WooThemes Pricing Changes Update

Obviously this post is a bit late. But I have an excuse! My wife went into labor before I had the chance to write, and we just got settled back in at home. Whew!

Anywho, as anyone following this topic is surely aware, Woo posted an update as expected, with a reiteration of their position and an amended stance on “grandfathering” unlimited license holders who purchased before the initial change.

I think Woo’s decision here was the right thing to do. I know that some thought it was more of a courtesy, but my opinion is that the choice to grandfather these users was the onlyethically correct decision.

While the WP community’s response to this topic has been a wildly tumultuous landscape, I have gained back most of my respect for it. I respect Woo for apologizing and changing their stance. The only respect not gained back is that caused by some well-known people in the community who made it a point to immediately side with and defend Woo’s initial statement in its entirety, notwithstanding its obvious (IMO) mistakes.

After reading some of the latest drama about WP Avengers, I’ll say this: I understand Nathan’s qualms, but disagree with his proposed solution. Brad Williams wrote some excellent thoughtson all of that. WP Mayor gathered this articleand a few more good reads.

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